Parody of "Life, in a Nutshell" by Barenaked Ladies

D G/F# G : ||

D          A
When I started out
Bm              G
I used to use it only for my CGIs
Now I've no doubt
And I'm finally beginning now to realize
It's like a knife, and I'm like a Swiss
When we're solving problems we never miss, and still
It's never enough, it's never enough
It's never enough, but

G       A             D                G/F#            G
I don't tend to worry about what other language people say
And I'm learning that there is a whole lot more than just one way
Call me crazy, but it really doesn't matter
                          Bm   A6
All that matters to me is Perl


D  G/F# G     A        Bm
Perl 5, in a nutshell
  A6 G       A            D  G/F# G
No way is the right way to do it
        A       Bm    A6
It's so easy to write, but
     G          A       Bm A6 G#m7 G
It's not always easy to read
  Bm A6 G#m7 G
To read

I memorized all the special variables there in the docs
I ruined my eyes reading every manpage on my colo box
I write a module, I write a test
When I code extremely I don't get stressed and still
It's never enough, it's never enough
No, it's never enough, so



Em          A
Well I fell down
     Bm               G
With nothing there to catch me from falling
Em             A
Then Perl came 'round
    D        D/C#         G/B             A7sus     G
And only its eclecticness stopped me from losing my job, now
I'm OK

That's why



Author: Pudge

Использую десктопные и серверные решения на базе Linux уже несколько лет, готов поделиться опытом. Предпочитаю использовать Debian за стабильность и удобство настройки.
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